Equipment Rentals

"Beach Rentals: General T&C's:"

  • We have a range of surfing equipment available for rent
  • To rent equipment you will need to sign off on our terms and conditions.
  • This requires leaving something on the beach as a deposit (credit card, car keys, etc).
  • Please be aware that rentals are dependent on the conditions being suitable and safe for surfing.
  • We do not rent surfboards to persons with no surfing experience.
  • We do not rent surfboards to unaccompanied minors.
  • Inexperienced Novices should book a beginner surf lesson.
  • Your safety matters to us.

groms ?  job description = in charge of stuff
Equipment: Price €:
Surfboard €5
Wetsuit €5
Surfboard & Wetsuit €10
Custom Surfboard (Fiberglass)*** €20
*** Custom Surfboards are only available to surfers who have proven themselves through our beginner lesson structure

*** We do not rent custom surfboards to novices

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